- Escape Blackpool -


Find clues, solve puzzles, break codes and make your escape! Observation, problem solving and most importantly teamwork will be required to achieve your goal. Fancy a great meal and drink too? Click corporate at top of page for more details.


Escape Blackpool is a collection of new, fun and challenging escape games. Based just off the promenade at 300 Lytham Road FY1 6EY our games are designed for teams of 2 to 5 players (2 to 6 in Taken)

With 3 rooms in operation we can accommodate groups of up to sixteen. We put you and your team mates in a mysterious themed room and give you 60 minutes to escape.

Your team must find clues, solve logic puzzles and break codes to gain your freedom. By working as a team you will greatly increase your chance of success.

Do you have what it takes to Escape?

Blackpool's premier Escape Games

- how to play -


Still not sure? Don't worry! Our friendly game coordinators will explain everything before you go in to the room.

Fancy a great meal and drink package?

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Who can play at Escape Rooms Blackpool?

Friends & Family

Get your brain and pulse racing with our Premier Escape games. 60 minutes, 5 brains, 200 square feet – use ‘em wisely! A small circle or a large group of friends and family. Everyone is welcome!



Studying demands an eye for critical thinking, and that's exactly what you will need here. Our Premier Escape games require you examine everything around you. Fine tune your mind in a fun and demanding environment. 



Think you have the mind for solving puzzles and cracking codes? Maybe you’re a pro at online escape games? Come put your skills to the test! Our Premier Escape games will definitely give you a challenge.



Corporate team building outside the norm! Need the fun and drive pumped back into your team? Premier Escape games deliver a creative solution for your team to work together in a fresh, exciting and challenging environment.