Team building has become an important part of modern corporate life. It can also be an occasion that the less athletically gifted members of your team dread, all too often the whole exercise ends in disharmony rather than the designed objective - unity.


Escape Blackpool understands that in workplace you often have to use your skills of negotiation, intuition, and communication and you may frequently find yourself in a situation where a little lateral thinking will be required. Live Escape games offer an opportunity for all members of a team to collaborate and utilise these skill, boosting confidence and morale.

Escape - Logic is the key

Escape is team building with a difference, you will have to use all of your skills and work closely with your colleagues in order to succeed. You won’t be trying to start a fire with two sticks, nor will you be exploring the wilds in the rain. You’ll be locked in a room instead!

Develop communication skills

Small teams of between 2-5 people will take part in the exercise, which comprises a series of puzzles, riddles and clues. You may have to crack a code, and you’ll definitely have to be creative if you want to make your escape.

Identify the individual talents of your team

The secret to success in these games is working together and utilising individual talents to secure your collective escape from the locked room. Part of the challenge is to carry out the task within 60 minutes. You’ll have to use your head and communicate with your colleagues. 

How will Escape help my company?

Escape Blackpool allows all members of the team to make their contribution to the task. Sometimes it’s as important to learn how to listen as well as communicate. You may socialise with your work colleagues on a regular basis, but a night out in the pub isn’t quite the same as having to rely on their imagination and logical reasoning in order to escape a locked room.

Why is corporate team building important?

Team building was first introduced when businesses realised that their productivity was failing as a result of poor communication, tension within the workforce, and boredom. Managers also appreciated that they weren’t aware of all the skills of their workforce held and were under-using some employees’ potential. The outdoor adventure model was very popular for a while, but who wants to freeze on a wet day in the countryside when you can be engaging your brain against the clock. The aim of Escape Blackpool is to help your team learn how to:

  • Communicate more clearly with each other

  • Listen to each other and value each others contributions

  • Utilise individual skills for the greater good of the team

  • Have fun with your work colleagues

  • Engage your brain in logical reasoning and lateral thinking

  • Enhance your observational skills

  • Focus on a common goal collectively

Escape Blackpool is a new and ingenious way of bringing your employees together. If you want to have some fun with a purpose then book a day with Escape Blackpool.