A rogue policeman, Brian Miller, has been obsessed for some time with finding John Doe's killer. In his eyes the evidence points to you and your friends! 

One of your group will be Taken and locked away, leaving you with two tasks: rescue your friend  AND escape the room. Although you are separated, the entire group will be able to work together to complete the challenge.

Officer Miller has been very clever in the way he has hidden clues around his somewhat dilapidated room with some impressive gadgets used along the way. 

You will need to do some searching within the room as well as solving puzzles if you want to make your escape.

This room is no normal room – let’s just say it's lacking in some of the comforts of our other rooms - but it's just as much fun!



The Da Vinci Room has your team take on the role of thieves, but for the greater good.

Dr John Albright has been studying the works of Da Vinci in great detail. He has amassed a huge collection over the years, including what many believe to be the Holy Grail!

Having gained his trust, by helping him "acquire" some of these items over the years, you have access to areas of his home and knowledge of his security that no-one else does. 

You've always felt that an item of the importance of the Holy Grail should be on display for all to see. The professor is away and now is the perfect opportunity. Get in the room, grab the grail and make your escape. It should be easy!

"The Da Vinci Room" is a Premier Escape game with a twist, you need to get an item out of the room as well as yourself! The setting is a beautiful old study with lot's of artwork, certificates and various pieces of vintage furniture. Ranging from typewriters to violin cases! Primarily focusing on code-breaking, symbolism and association problems "The Da Vinci Room" offers an exciting challenge for players young and old.


THE contagion ROOM

You and your team of fellow scientists have been working tirelessly to create a vaccine for the fatal CYE disease. However your work has taken a turn for the worse and you have all managed to contract the virus.

Either sit around and let it take you or redouble your efforts and create a vaccine.

This is not your only problem.  After creating the vaccine you must find a way to beat the lock down on the laboratory. The timer is set to 60 minutes, after which the room and all traces of your work, will be incinerated. Create the vaccine and escape the room if the rest of humanity is to benefit from your work!

Get your white coat on as you prepare for Contagion....

Contagion demands thinking outside of the box with a challenging array of problem solving, code-breaking and other puzzles.